For operators who choose to follow EASA regulations, a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) must be in place. This approved organisation is responsible for the implementation of continuing airworthiness management tasks. We are bespoke in the type of CAM support we offer. We can provide a complete CAM service, or support parts of the overall task. We’re flexible and can do what you require. Our assignments result in tangible savings, either through the avoidance of future costs, the provision of data to support negotiation position, or general bottom line savings.

Aircraft require an annual inspection by a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) who will conduct a full Airworthiness Review before issuing an Airworthiness Review Certificate. FlyerTech were the first independent CAMO to be approved to perform ARC services by EASA for business and commercial airline operators, there’s no other company better suited to carrying out your ARC review than FlyerTech.

When purchasing a high value asset, you want to ensure that what you’re buying is of good quality. You may not have the expertise in terms of aircraft maintenance and engines but we’re here to assist you and work on your behalf to ensure you’re making a good investment and won’t be met with any nasty surprises.

When returning or taking on an aircraft it’s important to have the support of an organisation with years of experience, who know what to look for, and can help ensure that your asset is safe, in good condition and will retain its value. Here at FlyerTech, we will hold your hand through the hold process.

We the solution to giving you the reassurance you need in terms of knowing that your asset is being treated as you’d expect it to be. We carry out inspections to understand the current condition, maintenance status, airworthiness and value of your aircraft. We’ll help ensure that the operator is compliant with the terms of your agreement.

Whether it’s support with auditing, help overcoming a specific problem, assistance with technical oversight, or you need to ensure certain regulations are met, we’re here to assist with short and long-term project work. We’re totally independent meaning we look at the situation at hand and provide expert unbiased advice.