Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM).

FlyerTech provide a platform that give lessors, owners and operators the ability to mitigate the risks associated with through-the-life maintenance of aircraft, globally. To achieve this we provide the following assistance and services

Airworthiness review certificate (ARC).

Being a Gama Aviation Group company, we specialise with providing start-up airlines all round support, helping them navigate the challenges of the aviation industry and offering comprehensive services to support your entire airline operation.

Airworthiness review certificate (ARC).

We have over 17 years of Airworthiness Review Certificate experience across a wide variety of types and regulatory areas. Our ARC services are delivered on an as required basis allowing you to choose where you need our help and expertise.

Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI).

As well as supplying Airworthiness Support Services, we have a wealth of experience in performing pre-purchase and pre-lease inspections to private operators and commercial airline operators worldwide.

Aircraft acquisition & handbacks.

We can assist our customers when taking delivery of aircraft by providing Aircraft Selection, Pre-Delivery Inspection and Delivery Planning.

Aircraft acquisition & handbacks.

Gama Aviation (Engineering) Ltd has been leading the aerospace industry for over 32 years. With a focus on Part 21J & Part 21G services, our team ensures excellent design, manufacture, and installations, setting new standards in the industry.

Mid-term inspections.

FlyerTech have experience in performing Mid-Term aircraft & Technical Records inspections on behalf of business jet and airline aircraft Lessors and Owners.


We have significant experience in providing services to aircraft operators in respect to complex and demanding business aviation and commercial aviation projects including: Aircraft Recovery and Repatriation Projects, Aircraft Imports and Exports, Airline Start-Up and the introduction of new aircraft types into revenue service.