Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM)

Buyer beware. How FlyerTech helped a new airline avoid a big mistake.

“The value is always in the records!”


A new operator looking for aircraft was offered a 1987 Boeing 737 at an incredible price. On viewing the aircraft, the Executive team considered an offer for the aircraft – it appeared in immaculate condition for an aircraft of its age. The only problem – much of its paperwork and records were either incomplete or entirely missing.


The Executive team contacted FlyerTech to discuss a review of the 15 boxes of records that accompanied the aircraft prior to them making an offer. Alerted to the minimal level of records (there should be 10x the number of boxes), FlyerTech undertook a first sweep of the major component records for the engines and landing gear. This automatically indicated a whole host of issues.


Rather than recreate the records and determine the provenance required of all the major components, FlyerTech advised the client against this costly exercise, determining that the operator should look elsewhere for the aircraft.

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