Continuing Airworthiness Management is the oversight of all airworthiness management requirements of an aircraft. It’s how we ensure that aircraft are kept in a safe and airworthy condition throughout its life.

A Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation is an approved organisation responsible for the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft. It’s mandatory for all EU-registered aircraft to be supported by a an approved organisation. CAMOs handle liaisons with authorities on behalf of the aircraft owner, find solutions to problems, create maintenance programmes and audits, and provide technical support to aircraft owners.

Every aircraft needs a Certificate of Airworthiness to prove it is airworthy and safe to fly, and a review of this certificate needs to be carried out annually – think MOT for aircraft. To ensure compliance, aircraft require a Continuing Airworthiness Review Organisation to complete a full documented review, including records maintenance inspections, a physical survey and to check compliance with flight manual documentation.

If you or your organisation is looking to purchase an aircraft but you’re not an expert when it comes to aircraft and engines, it’s still essential to know you’re making good investment. A pre-purchase inspection will help identify any pitfalls or issues with the aircraft to ensure the asset is in good condition and won’t be a liability.

When leasing an aircraft you’ll want to ensure that your aircraft is being treated in the way you’d expect, and that the aircraft operator is complying with the terms of the Operating Lease Agreement. A mid-term inspection involves an experienced CAMO carrying out physical inspections, maintenance checks and reviews of documentation on behalf of the lessor to ensure the asset is in the condition it should be.

Aside from being a regulatory requirement in the EU to be supported by a CAMO, not all aircraft owners have maintenance knowledge and expertise when it comes to aircraft and engines. Therefore, having the support of an approved CAMO to plan and coordinate maintenance activities, forecast maintenace work, and manage the ongoing airworthiness to ensure aircraft are compliant and safe means owners can rest assured knowing that they’re supported by a dedicated team of experts.

Established in 2001, we provide a platform that gives lessors, owners and operators the ability to mitigate the risks associated with through-the-life maintenance of aircraft, globally. To do this we provide a range of technical services inducing, CAM, pre-purchase/lease inspections, ARC renewals, mid-term inspections and consultancy.