Over the past 19 years we’ve worked with a variety of different clients across a broad range of sectors from multinational airlines, startups, financial institutions and special missions.

Each sector comes with it’s unique requirements and challenges. At FlyerTech, pride ourselves on providing independent professional unbiased knowledge and technical services to businesses across a wide range of sectors.

Since establishing in 2001, FlyerTech have supported over 120 airlines with CAM services. We’re very well positioned to provide exceptional services to airlines across the world and have supported small start-ups, business jet AOC’s as well a household names of large multinational airlines alike.

We support lessors with mid-lease inspections, delivery and re-delivery work as well as offering continuing airworthiness management.  Our team have over 25 years of experience working with lessors, this combined with our expertise and regulatory knowledge makes us very well suited to work effectively and efficiently with our clients.

Financial institutions provide the foundations to our economies. The Finance sector is a constantly evolving environment and banks, building societies, Insurers, and asset management firms need to be prepared to respond to the challenges and changes that they are met with.

At FlyerTech we understand that whilst regulation remains the same there are nuances with Business Jet Aircraft operation. We work closely with business aviation customers and our partner organisation, Gama Aviation, to present a process that supports owners with the requirements around Continuing Airworthiness Management and that is sympathetic to the needs of each the individual.

We currently support Special Missions in terms of providing Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM) Services to the Scottish Air Ambulance. Over the 19 years we have also supported the Atmospheric Research Aircraft and British Antarctic Survey with technical support, including Continuing Airworthiness, Airworthiness Review or Certificate of Airworthiness, and initial issue or renewal and with Aircraft Technical Inspection.