The Gama Aviation Group: AOC Services Suite

FlyerTech, Gama Aviation, Gama Aviation Engineering Ltd and myairops.

Maintenance Control Centre Services

Operations Control Centre Services

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Services

We are an all-encompassing solution for all your operational needs.

The ‘AOC Services Suite’ functions as the operational core for operators, offering seamless end-to-end support. It facilitates airlines and aircraft operators to effortlessly manage all facets of their operations, unifying operations, maintenance, airworthiness, design, and software under a single service provider.

At the heart of our approach and partnership lies a commitment to unified working methodology. By harmonising our efforts and industry knowledge, we consistently strive to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

The Gama Aviation Group Services Cover:

  • Founded 2001
  • Part-CAMO approvals from EASA, UK, Bermuda, Cayman, Guernsey, Bahrain and Oman.
  • Part 145 EASA, CAA, Bermudan, Guernsey
  • Part 21G POA
  • Part 21J DOA EASA

A fully outsourced operations team, inclusive of:

  • flight planning
  • flight watch
  • overflight and landing permits
  • organizing ground service (security, transport, and accommodation)
  • Flight and aircraft management
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Ground operations
  • Crew scheduling and operations

Read more about our unique approach and organisational structure on Gama Aviation’s website.

Learn more about our Gama Aviation group partners…

Gama Aviation is a leading provider of business aviation services, delivering excellence in aircraft management, charter solutions, MRO services, and FBO operations. They have a global reach and offer a worldwide network of FBOs, providing streamlined operations and exceptional ground handling services.

Using myairops software for their operations, together the Gama Aviation group provide an extensive range of services, including Flight Planning and Trip Support, FBOs, Ferry Flights, Part 21J, Part 145 services, and more.


myairops provides a comprehensive suite of aviation management SaaS-based software solutions. The software is designed to streamline and optimise performance in flight operations, crew control and communication, maintenance tracking and CAM, FBO management, ground handling, and inventory management. Additionally, they offer trip support services that acts as a natural extension to the myairops capabilities with over 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge.

myairops software solutions are utilised by the wider Gama group on a daily basis and operate as a key driving factor behind the business unit’s success. Gama Aviation Charter Services operate myairops flight as their daily tool to deliver a complete end-to-end chartering solution. Additionally, FlyerTech use the myairops cam tool for their total maintenance management solution allowing us to stay ahead of the curve for all our continuing airworthiness management needs.