About us

We help operators, lessors and financial institutions de-risk change through a forensic approach to paperwork

Expertise that deliver

Through a combination of engineering talent, commercial understanding and deep expertise across multiple aircraft types we deliver performance gains in the following areas:

  • Improved performance resulting from previous inefficient maintenance planning procedures and practice.
  • Identifying and filling gaps during multiple aircraft fleet inductions / hand backs.
  • Turnkey project management services for high risk configuration change programs.

Change represents one of the major risks through the operating life of an aircraft with a multiplier effect of downtime, input cost and poor records affecting the short and medium-term financial performance of the asset.

We were founded in 2001 to provide a platform that would provide lessors, owners and operators the ability to mitigate those risks that are associated with the through-the-life maintenance management of aircraft, globally.

Outsource or insourced options

We offer a comprehensive range of services from full continued airworthiness management (CAM) and airworthiness review certificates (ARC), through to supplying the software for a business aviation or commercial airline operator to manage the through-the-life maintenance records of an asset.

All of our services can be tailored to your needs, allowing us to deliver a turnkey outsource service or simply additional resource during periods of high workload.

We take great pride in the accuracy and detail we apply to our records understanding that this pays dividends during future transactions in terms of speed and negotiation leverage. The CAM services that we offer to both business aviation and airline operators are as below: