Airbus Lease Returns

The aircraft were returned to the lessor within 18 hours of the deadline with all components complying to the Lessors contract stipulation and no penalties.


At the end of their lease, a European regional airline was faced with the process of handing back several Airbus aircraft to the lessor. The lessor had, with the terms of its original lease contract, specified that major components needed to be within a tolerance of 120% of the aircraft and/or its utilisation.


Without evidence to contrary the aircraft could not be handed back to the Lessor without severe financial rectification penalties being imposed.

Faced with potential five-figure per day penalties, the operator immediately appointed us to determine the state of the records prior to the aircraft being handed back. This exposed significant problems within the records, causing the operator to be at serious risk of large penalties.


With a deadline looming, and with the operators consent, a further team was parachuted in to resolve the issue and determine the provenance, authenticity and age of approximately half of each Airbus’ components.

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