Safeguarding Aircraft Investment: The Pre-Buy Inspection Advantage

Securing a Pre-Buy Inspection (or Pre-Purchase Inspection) is essential for a comprehensive assessment of a pre-owned aircraft’s condition. Conducted at a pre-agreed maintenance facility, this detailed examination involves a certified appraiser reviewing aircraft documents and an in-person inspection.

Objectives of the Pre-Buy Inspection:

Evaluate the aircraft’s condition, history, wear, and tear.

Identify corrosion type and potential repair costs.

Ensure complete records for accurate valuation and ROI assessment.

Buyers should insist on a comprehensive Pre-Buy Inspection covering annual findings, maintenance shop details, and compliance with Airworthiness Directives.


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Core Focus Areas:

Tailored Depth of Inspection: Customised inspection based on aircraft type, age, and complexity.

Independent Inspection: Preferably conducted by an unbiased maintenance facility.

Comprehensive Evaluation: Revise the inspection list for a thorough examination.

Strategic Handling of Results:

Prioritise airworthiness-related issues.

Categorise discrepancies as major or minor.

Rank issues based on relevance, cost allocation, and expected downtime.

A thorough inspection, strategic handling of discrepancies, and cooperation lead to a successful transaction, ensuring a win-win outcome for both parties involved.

Trust FlyerTech for a commitment to expertise, safety, and performance excellence in every aircraft transition.

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