FlyerTech now support helicopter CAMO approval

We’re delighted to announce that FlyerTech are now supporting helicopters with our latest EASA Approval.

We have long been established global specialists in mitigating risk during fixed-wing aircraft change events, by providing all aspects of CAMO services since 2001. We understand that helicopters play a fundamental part in the aviation industry and are used in the most demanding of conditions, to save lives and carry passengers in challenging environments. Therefore, as part of our mission to further extend our capabilities and utilise our transferable skills to help and support rotorcraft, we made the decision to gain our EASA CAMO helicopter approval.  

We are now supporting helicopters with CAMO services and are pleased to say that our new capabilities are used to support Gama Aviation in their Scottish Air Ambulance operations. We were selected to carry out all airworthiness activities involved in the transition of the aircraft including producing a maintenance plan, software setup and inspections and will continue to manage ongoing Continuing Airworthiness Management responsibilities.  

For more information on how we can support you with your helicopter airworthiness management, please contact us by calling +44 (0)1444 711560. 

“ This project pays testament to our commitment to provide efficient and highly important services to operators across the world. We’re excited to continue to support helicopter operations going forward.” 

M Bell | Managing Director, FlyerTech

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