Outsourced Services for Airline Start-ups: OCC, MCC, and Part 21

As a startup or smaller airline, navigating complexities demands strategic planning, efficiency, and reliable support. Focus on your core business while we tackle the operational challenges. As part of Gama Aviation, FlyerTech comprehends your unique needs, offering a comprehensive suite of services for successful operations as your trusted outsourced operational hub.

At the core of every successful airline lies the Operational Control Centre (OCC), the nerve center of flight operations. FlyerTech’s in-house OCC service offers a range of aviation management, including:

  • flight planning
  • flight watch
  • overflight and landing permits
  • organizing ground service (security, transport, and accommodation)

With our expertise as the nerve center, your operations receive enhanced efficiency, regulatory compliance, and a smoother journey to success.

Outsourced MCC: Enhancing Your Maintenance Control

As the backbone of aviation safety, our in-house Maintenance Control Centre (MCC) ensures your aircraft remain in optimal condition. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians oversee all ramp maintenance activities, manage scheduled inspections, and promptly address any in-flight or ground-based maintenance issues.

Working closely with your airline’s maintenance personnel, we adhere to stringent airworthiness regulations while maximizing asset availability. With FlyerTech’s expertise and proactive approach, your fleet is in the hands of skilled professionals prioritizing safety, reliability, and operational excellence.

Part 21 Design and Production Services

When it comes to design changes, FlyerTech’s in-house Part 21 team provide a turn-key solution for industry leading aerospace design, manufacture & installation of modifications and repairs.

Our comprehensive scope of approval means we undertake a vast range of projects such as avionic upgrades, cabin interiors, livery and structural changes.

Whether it’s a minor modification, repair or major STC, we make sure your aircraft complies with the latest regulatory requirements, ensuring the safety and continued airworthiness of your aircraft is maintained.

With our expertise in both Part 21J Design and Part 21G Production, we are well equipped to support you from concept through to delivery, promoting your airline’s growth with confidence.

Encounter Seamless Airline Operations

With decades of aviation experience and a proven track record, FlyerTech is your ideal partner for launching and growing your airline.

Experience seamless operations and a strong foundation for your airline’s future. Our comprehensive solutions cover every aspect of your aviation operation – get in touch with us now!

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