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July 13 2020

Aircraft Transition (Sale, Purchase, Handback or Re-Delivery)

During Aircraft Transition projects commercial airline, business jet operators and lessors experience a significant peak in demand for experienced Technical Service engineers to assist them with the handback of the aircraft. Such a peak in demand can be extremely difficult to manage and the stakes are very high.

Transition Maintenance Management

We are able to review the lease handback conditions and assist the customer in ensuring that the aircraft (business jet or airliner) will comply with these conditions. In those areas where shortfalls are identified, we can work with the customer to find an acceptable technical or commercial solution. Once this process is complete we produce a “Work Pack” to control any transition maintenance inputs that are agreed.

Once the Transition Maintenance work pack has been agreed, we provide an on-site representative to assist the operator throughout the handback process.

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Liaison and Progress Chasing

FlyerTech’s on-site representative will participate in on-site transition meetings with the customer and their counterparts as required to discuss the progress of the transition work pack and any other points as they arise. FlyerTech will also assist with the application for Certificates of Airworthiness (C of A) and for Export C of A’s as required.

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Records Updating

FlyerTech will ensure the timely updating of the aircraft records with follow-up from transition maintenance as it is closed down by the appointed maintenance organisation. This will help to ensure that at the time of the transition of the aircraft, the complement of aircraft records precisely reflect the current status of the aircraft.

Following on from the preparation of the records above, FlyerTech will perform the final preparation of the Aircraft Records to comply with the requirements of the transaction.

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Technical Support

FlyerTech’s on-site representative will be available throughout the handback to provide “On-Site” Technical Support to deal with any last minute issues in relation to the aircraft records, to make any required last minute changes to the records and to generally liaise with all parties and assist during the final stages of the handback of the aircraft.

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