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Continuing Airworthiness Management FlyerTech

Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM)

Since its incorporation in 2001, FlyerTech has established itself as the European market leader in supplying independent Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Management services to various industries broadly consisting of the following:

  • The Total Aircraft Technical Administration
  • Monitoring and Review of Airworthiness Directive Compliance on a Real Time Basis.
  • Monitoring and Review of Service Bulletin Compliance an a Real Time Basis.
  • Monitoring Damage Assessment and Repair Certification and Ensure Damage Reports Updated.
  • Monitor Hard Time Component Replacements.
  • Monitor Serialised Component Replacements.
  • The Production, Development, Amendment, Control, Administration and Implementation of an Approved Aircraft Maintenance Programme.
  • The Production of Aircraft Reliability Reports and the Chairing of Periodic Reliability Review Meetings.
  • The Production, Issue and Management of Line and Base Maintenance Work Packs and Task Cards in Accordance with the Approved Maintenance Program.
  • The Control of Out of Phase Maintenance Requirements in Accordance with the Approved Maintenance Program
  • The Management, Maintenance and Safekeeping of Aircraft Technical Records.
  • The Scanning of Technical Records.
  • Hosting of Operators’ Audits.
  • CAM for Aircraft in Storage – Monitoring the Storage Program and Issue of Storage Work Packages.
  • Full Continuing Airworthiness Management

Once an aircraft has been setup within FlyerTech’s control systems, it is relatively straightforward for FlyerTech to provide full Continuing Airworthiness Management services in accordance with EASA Part M Sup Part G requirements.

This service allows our customers to ensure that their aircraft are managed to the highest possible standard enabling them to focus on their core business.

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