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Airworthiness Review Certificates FlyerTech

Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC)

Many Regulatory Authorities, including EASA, require that all aircraft have an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) maintained at all times whilst the aircraft is registered and operated within their jurisdiction.

As part of our commitment to offer a comprehensive Airworthiness Management service to our customers and to keep pace with the changing regulatory environment, FlyerTech were the first independent Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation to be approved to perform ARC services by EASA.

The following ARC Services are available from FlyerTech on an as required basis:

  • ARC Initial Issue.
  • ARC Renewal.
  • Airworthiness Review of the Aircraft.
  • Airworthiness Review of the Complement of Aircraft Technical Records.
  • Production of Airworthiness Review Report.
  • Report Submission to EASA.
  • Liaison and Resolution Management with EASA.
  • EASA Requirements for the Issue of an Airworthiness Review Certificate

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