Regional airline avoids lessor penalties in rapid fleet delivery project.

How changes in culture create operational problems

“Being taken over has seen big changes. What we never expected was how those changes manifest themselves on the aircraft.”


A UK regional airline, after reviewing its fleet composition, made the decision to structure a deal with a major lessor that would see it hand back CRJ’s with Dash 8’s operating in their stead.  The Dash 8’s unfortunately belonged to a failed US operator, who held the records. Failure to deliver would result in lease penalties, and with the CRJ’s handed back, a significant impact on the schedule.


FlyerTech were appointed to project manage the airlines’ own internal resource and infill competence gaps within the airline’s own records team.  To do this effectively required a strategic review of the process, the integration of both teams and a firm focus on the commercial priorities to avoid the five-figure cost per day (GBP) of not delivering the agreed Lessor schedule.

Ultimately, FlyerTech would deliver the overall project plan, the project management capability and CAM expertise overseeing all aspects of the delivery of the aircraft from the US operator to their first in service flight with the regional airline.


All six aircraft were transferred within the agreed tolerances of the project plan, entering service as required, fully equipped for the operator’s mission and EASA compliant.

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