Culture, process and systems

How changes in culture create operational problems

“Being taken over has seen big changes. What we never expected was how those changes manifest themselves on the aircraft.”


A major cargo operator had recently been taken over.  During the changes within the company structure, a strange trend had started to appear with their aircraft.  Previously reliable aircraft were now becoming prone to AOG’s, which in the cargo business is a major concern.


The operator asked FlyerTech to review their process to determine whether this was a coincidence or if there were other factors at place such as culture.  The report concluded that the cultural and process changes where a factor and that the previous fastidious approach to preventative maintenance was now absent through several changes in human factors.


FlyerTech proposed a number of changes that are being considered by the operator such that the best of both company’s processes is adopted in order to take their high-quality standards forward to ensure greater operational efficiency.

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