When it all goes wrong. An airline goes bust

“It’s sad when an airline goes bust but our priorities are to recover the asset and put it to work again.”

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A major airline and a start-up go bust.  The Lessors naturally want the aircraft back in service as quickly and cleanly as possible.


FlyerTech were appointed to determine the situation, specifically with regards to the current records and the need to keep the A319 /A320 and B737 NG aircraft under airworthiness controls.  After recovering the records FlyerTech determined them fit to fly to be recovered to a pre-determined place of safety.


All of the aircraft FlyerTech were appointed to recover on behalf of the Lessors have been returned and are either awaiting new leases or are back in service.  This was considerably aided by FlyerTech’s ability to act quickly when the operator’s organisational controls began to fail.

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