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About FlyerTech

FlyerTech are a UK based organisation, we were established in 2001 to fulfil a need for an independent organisation that can provide two key services:

To be an Independent Airline Technical Department, for customer airlines, that is separate from the maintenance provider.

To provide a Technical Services facility to Aircraft Lessors for use at Aircraft Pre-Purchase, Aircraft Delivery, Aircraft Handback and In Service Aircraft Technical Monitoring.

FlyerTech Limited is an independent Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation. We are able to offer the full range of services that should be expected of any contemporary Airline Technical Services Department whilst maintaining a low cost and removing the administrative and management burden from our customers.

FlyerTech hold EASA Part M Subpart G, Continuing Airworthiness Management approval and we also hold EASA Part M Subpart I, Airworthiness Review Certificate privilege and Permit to Fly privilege.

FlyerTech perform full, ongoing Continuing Airworthiness Management services, including Airworthiness Review Certificate Issue and Extension for a variety of aircraft Operators and Lessors and a variety of aircraft types worldwide. These services have historically been performed by an airlines “in-house” Technical Department but for a number of reasons, our customers choose to contract FlyerTech to perform these functions.

Over recent years FlyerTech have assisted various aircraft Operators, Owners and Lessors with selecting aircraft, negotiating the Technical Terms of Aircraft Operating Lease Agreements, and delivering and introducing a new aircraft type into service.

In addition, FlyerTech provide ongoing support to Operators including providing on-site Technical Assistance and facilitating the provision of on-site Spares and Materials and Logistics Support and on-site Maintenance Support.

Since its foundation, FlyerTech has been involved in several international aviation projects including aircraft recovery and repatriation projects, aircraft imports and exports between a variety of nations, airline Start-Ups and the introduction of new aircraft types into revenue service.

Within FlyerTech, the emphasis is very much upon getting it right first time, with a professional approach that inspires confidence. FlyerTech’s independence will also guarantee a full openness of the technical status of your aircraft.

FlyerTech intends to continue its growth in the long term whilst maintaining its reputation for delivering a quality service to its customers in a timely manner.


In September 2014 FlyerTech rebranded, replacing the original FlyerTech logo that had been in use since 2001 with a new contemporary logo whilst at the same time launching a new website and several social media campaigns.