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July 13 2020

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Helping You Smooth Out Peak Engineering Demand During Aircraft Acquisitions

From time-to-time both business jet and commercial airline operators need to select and take delivery of new and used aircraft into their fleets either to satisfy the demands of expansion or to maintain fleet sizes by replacing aircraft that have been disposed of. During these aircraft delivery projects operators experience a significant peak in demand for experienced Technical Services Engineers to assist them with the selection and delivery of the aircraft. Such a peak in demand can be extremely difficult for an operator to bear.

Aircraft Acquisition

At the time of selecting an aircraft to operate, business jet and airline operators are often overwhelmed by marketing information from lessors and their agents. Often, the most important maintenance status information and data is the hardest to obtain and clarify.

We are able to assist in this area by performing a full airworthiness review of the aircraft and the complement of technical records that are associated with the aircraft. We offer a variety of services ranging from a simple desktop review of summary data to performing a full and in-depth airworthiness review process. Of course it stands to reason that the more in-depth and comprehensive that the review process is prior to selection, the less likely it is that mistakes will be made when selecting the right aircraft for your fleet.

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Pre-Delivery Inspection.

Once an operator has selected an aircraft, FlyerTech recommends that as a matter of course, between three and six months prior to delivery, FlyerTech send an appropriately experienced and skilled Engineer to perform a review of the aircraft together with a review of the technical records associated with the aircraft. Such a review should be performed to the standards of an ARC Review, if however an in-depth review has been performed prior to aircraft selection, then another review will not be required.

Following the review our Engineer will produce a detailed report which offers an insight into the compliance status of the Aircraft with lease return conditions, airworthiness requirements and general airline standards. This report will also offer a summary which can be used to identify any shortfalls and discuss and plan remedial action.

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Aircraft Delivery Planning

Further to the production of the pre-delivery inspection report, a list of open issues will be prepared for discussion. We recommend discussions with the Lessor at this stage to plan the delivery program including planning the work scope.

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During Aircraft Delivery

Taking into account the findings of the pre-delivery inspection and also taking into account the consequential list of open issues, during delivery FlyerTech will perform an on-site review of the aircraft records for final compliance with Lease Delivery Conditions and airworthiness regulatory requirements. The findings of the Pre-Delivery Inspection will be used to steer our representatives through this process however diligence will also be exercised to ensure that any changes to the condition or content of the records will be picked up if any have been affected since the pre-delivery inspection was performed and to close out all discrepancies raised.

Following the on-site review, we will produce a control document listing all of the non-compliances (areas where the aircraft has not met the delivery conditions of the lease agreement or fails to meet airworthiness requirements). Such a document can be used to manage the delivery process and will enable all parties to track the progress of remedial action with respect to these items. FlyerTech will then, if required participate in meetings with the Lessor to discuss the progress of remedial action and monitor plans to address any shortfalls.

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