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June 02 2020

Mid-Term (Leased) Aircraft & Technical Records Inspection

We have significant experience in performing Mid-Term aircraft & Technical Records inspections on behalf of business jet and airline aircraft Lessors and Owners. This service is designed to offer our Lessor and Finance customers the assurance that their asset is being cared for in accordance with their tri-partied agreement, the operating lease or similar ownership agreement.

This valuable, independent aircraft records inspection service assists with smooth transitions between ownership or hand back to the Lessor.

Why Us?

As a third party organisation, we provide independent advice on the state of the technical records and their accuracy. The result from these records inspections and reviews assist with an understanding of the current condition, maintenance status, airworthiness and ultimately value of the aircraft and will help to ensure that the business jet or airline operator is in compliance with the terms of the agreements.

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