Our services

Continuing Airworthiness Management
Since its incorporation in 2001, FlyerTech has established itself as the European market leader in supplying independent Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Management services, find out more »

Airworthiness Review Certificates
Many Regulatory Authorities, including EASA, require that all aircraft have an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) maintained at all times whilst the aircraft is registered and operated within their jurisdiction, find out more »

Aircraft Acquisition and Delivery
From time-to-time business jet and airline operators need to select and take delivery of new and used aircraft into their fleets either to satisfy the demands of expansion or to maintain fleet sizes by replacing aircraft that have been disposed of, find out more »

Aircraft Transition (Sale, Purchase, Handback or Redelivery)
During aircraft transition projects Operators and Lessors experience a significant peak in demand for experienced Technical Services Engineers to assist them with the handback of the aircraft. Such a peak in demand can be extremely difficult to manage and the stakes are very high, find out more »

Mid-Term (Leased) Aircraft and Technical Records Inspection
FlyerTech also have significant experience in performing Mid-Term Inspections on behalf of various aircraft Lessors and Owners, find out more »

Pre-Purchase (Pre-Lease) Aircraft and Technical Records Inspection
As well as supplying Airworthiness Support Services, FlyerTech have a wealth of experience in performing Pre-Purchase and Pre-Lease Inspections on behalf of various Lessors, Operators and Owners, find out more »

Consultancy Services
FlyerTech has significant experience in providing services to Operators, Lessors and Owners in relation to complex and demanding aviation projects including aircraft recovery and repatriation projects, aircraft imports and exports, airline Start-Up and the introduction of new aircraft types into revenue service, find out more »

Fame Software
Built with the user very much in mind, our Fame airworthiness management SaaS solution is easy to deploy and even easier to use when managing fleets or individual aircraft operations, find out more »