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Level One and Post Painting Inspections Completed by FlyerTech

March 17th, 2017

Level one inspections have been performed on four helicopters and six aircraft during the month of March.

A level one inspection involves both a physical inspection of the aircraft/helicopter as well as ensuring that the logbooks are being maintained and updated in an acceptable manner.

The aircraft types inspected were a Diamond DA42M, Beech King Air C90A, Vulcanair SPA P68, Tecnam P2006T while the helicopter types were a Agusta A109E, Eurocopter EC120B and a Eurocopter AS350-B3.

Level one was not the only type of inspection FlyerTech performed this month as we were also tasked to providing a post painting inspection of an Airbus A320 aircraft on behalf of one of our customers.

One thought on “Level One and Post Painting Inspections Completed by FlyerTech”

  1. I didn’t know that a level one inspection checked the physical side as well as the logbook side of an airplane or helicopter. This would probably be important to do a pre-lease inspection for aircraft to ensure that they are ready to be used by the renter. Teaching the person how to inspect the vehicle for themselves could also be beneficial in order to ensure that they know what is important to look for.

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