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Airbus A320 Airworthiness Reviews Performed by FlyerTech

June 30th, 2017

Airworthiness reviews on seven Airbus A320 aircraft have been performed during the month of June by certified members of FlyerTech’s ARC department. The airworthiness reviews were performed to ensure that each aircraft continued to meet the requirements set by the regulatory authority and the findings were written into an ARC recommendation report allowing those that…

Level One Inspections Carried Out by FlyerTech

June 28th, 2017

Level one inspections, which involve a physical inspection of an aircraft or helicopter as well as the associated logbooks, have been carried out by members of FlyerTech’s inspection staff after requests from the owners. The inspections took place at the base for each aircraft or helicopter where the FlyerTech employee liaised with the current operator…

Fifteen Airworthiness Reviews Completed

May 30th, 2017

Fifteen airworthiness reviews have been completed this month by members of FlyerTech in several locations around the world. The Airbus A320 aircraft were the most requested aircraft type with twelve airworthiness reviews being performed. FlyerTech also performed the necessary reviews against two Airbus A321 aircraft as well as a Bombardier DHC8-400 aircraft. Airworthiness reviews are…

Bombardier DHC-8 and Airbus A320 ARC Services Provided

March 30th, 2017

FlyerTech’s airworthiness reviews continue with ARC’s being performed on a Bombardier DHC-8 aircraft as well as ten Airbus A320 aircraft. Airworthiness review certificates are required by several regulatory authority’s including EASA, FlyerTech have been approved by the required authority’s to provide ARC services to ensure that any aircraft they review meet the requirements that are…

Level One and Post Painting Inspections Completed by FlyerTech

March 17th, 2017

Level one inspections have been performed on four helicopters and six aircraft during the month of March. A level one inspection involves both a physical inspection of the aircraft/helicopter as well as ensuring that the logbooks are being maintained and updated in an acceptable manner. The aircraft types inspected were a Diamond DA42M, Beech King…

ATR72 Receives an ARC Extension

February 27th, 2017

FlyerTech have performed the necessary steps needed to ensure that an ATR72 aircraft receives an extension to its airworthiness review certificate, the inspection needed to accomplish this was carried out by a member of our airworthiness review team. During February our airworthiness review team also inspected nine Airbus A320 aircraft, allowing them to receive new…

FlyerTech Starts 2017 with a Pre-Lease Tech Records Review

January 16th, 2017

FlyerTech have begun 2017 by undertaking a pre-lease tech records review of an Airbus A319 aircraft. The review, which was performed at FlyerTech’s offices was carried out on request of the operator of the aircraft to ensure that the technical records that accompanied the Airbus A319 were in a satisfactory and useable condition