Supporting our client with the on-time delivery of leased aircraft from a defaulting airline despite the issues arising from COVID-19.

“I’d like to extend a huge thanks to you and all at FlyerTech who supported us in this project. It was a bumpy ride at times …. but thankfully we made it through.” – Vice President (CAMO) 


Two regional aircraft from an overseas airline that had defaulted were stuck in German and yet, our client, the lessor, had immediate needs for the aircraft to be positioned to Africa for a new lease. The problem, COVID-19.


We were initially approached to support the lessor to return the aircraft to service after they had been parked remotely in Germany during a particularly busy time at the airport around Christmas. Through good negotiation on behalf of the lessor with a local Maintenance Facility and using our skill in records compilation we managed to initially gain a permit to fly to support placing the aircraft into a safe location. From that point we worked with the lessor to present the aircraft to an African Operator and worked diligently to address any questions that arose to ensure delivery was established within the new operators deadlines.


Despite the issues that arose from home working, and from the COVID-19 restrictions in general, FlyerTech rose to the challenge to ensure an on-time delivery, again supporting the lessor with challenges around making that happen. We received the following feedback from the lessors Executive Vice President: “Hoorah to FlyerTech and genuinely so. We really do appreciate you support and efforts.”

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