Airworthiness case studies that have saved millions of dollars

Below are links to four airworthiness case studies that demonstrate the breadth and depth of our work for operators and lessors. In each we have deployed a highly skilled technical team whose mission has been to forensically analyse paperwork to ensure that all is as it should be. In many cases it isn’t exposing the operator, lessor, leasee or buyer to financial risk. This risk can equate to millions of dollars and put your operations at an immediate disadvantage.

casualty aircraft

Returning two stranded Boeing 737’s

When financial uncertainty strikes aircraft are often vulnerable to being stranded. In this case study we outline how we repatriated the aircraft in order for them to be put back into service by the lessor.

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MRO audit

A maintenance review that saved $1.5m

Just because the OEM MRO facility does the job for you doesn’t mean that there won’t be problems for you. In this case three aircraft were reviewed, with one having significant problems with its OEM C check.

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Cargo maintenance program

Creating a common standard

Inducting aircraft into a fleet with two very different maintenance programs is a recipe for inefficiency. In this case we changed a freighter from MSG3 to MSG2 with successful results and gains in operational efficiency.

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lease return

Major component issue on return from lease

The devil is always in the detail and operators should consider their handback terms carefully. In this case a deep dive was required on major components prior to handback, but time was ticking…

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