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FlyerTech Systems

FlyerTech has developed a very comprehensive web based maintenance management system for use in our Technical Management functions.


This software package manages the complex maintenance program and other regulatory requirements set by the aviation authorities. Including:


Fleet Manager

The complete aircraft configuration including: Operator details, Aircraft Type and age Airworthiness Directive status, Service Bulleting Status, Maintenance Program status (scheduled task last performed next due) and component configuration is loaded into FlyerTech’s systems. This data allows FlyerTech to track and manage the maintenance requirements of our customer’s aircraft to a highly sophisticated level.


Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Planning is catered for with the issue of all maintenance requirements in the form of EASA Part 145 compliant Work Packs derived from each aircraft’s duelist including Line Maintenance requirements, ‘A’ check and ‘C’ check requirements and out of phase maintenance and component changes, all issued to a task / job card level with summary control documentation and parts pre-load and panels data.

Base Maintenance work packs can be produced in excess of 6 months prior to deadline to allow for tendering of the work to Base Maintenance Organisations.

Also included in our services are the routine review and assessment of all Airworthiness Directives and Mandatory OEM publications required to meet Regulatory Authority requirements including the chairing of periodic AD and SB Review meetings with the customer.


Component Manager

The complete aircraft component configuration, is loaded into FlyerTech’s systems including component release certification.

This data allows FlyerTech to track and manage the component maintenance requirements of our customer’s aircraft. Component changes are then captured and our systems updated to reflect the up to date component fit list of the aircraft and allow Reliability Trend analysis of PIREP Reliability and Component Reliability.


Technical Manager

FlyerTech ensure the timely updating of all aircraft flight hours and cycles thus allowing control of all maintenance requirements. Defect entry and component change updating allow Reliability Trend analysis of PIREP Reliability and Component Reliability.

To achieve this Aircraft Operational Technical Log Book Pages are faxed or e-mailed (scanned in first) by our customers to our facility daily to enable data entry.


Reliability Reports

The routine compilation and issue of Reliability Reports specific to our customer’s requirements for each aircraft type.

This service includes the chairing of periodic reliability meeting to review aircraft reliability and recommend any appropriate remedial action.